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Vanilla and Hampton Honey Tallow Lotion

Vanilla and Hampton Honey Tallow Lotion

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Moisturize and balance your skin with this crowd favorite that smells like the vanilla cupcake of your dreams. 

  • Raw honey for skin health
  • Hydrating and nourishing
  • Helps smooth skin
  • Improves collagen synthesis
  • Delightful vanilla aroma 
  • Perfect for everyday use

Ingredients: 100% grass-fed tallow, raw honey*, jojoba oil*, sweet almond oil*, vanilla oil*


 *This is a natural product, variations in texture and scent may occur. Lotion is susceptible to heat and moisture. If it melts, it is still safe to use*

Vanilla and Hampton Honey tallow lotion, the ultimate solution for anyone seeking a luxurious and nourishing skincare experience. Our premium formula is crafted with 100% grass-fed tallow and organic ingredients, including raw honey, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vanilla oil, to provide your skin with the ultimate hydration and nourishment it needs.

Our tallow lotion is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. The combination of raw honey, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vanilla oil works to soothe and hydrate your skin, while delivering a deliciously sweet and comforting aroma that uplifts your senses.

Raw honey is a natural humectant that helps to draw moisture to the skin, while jojoba oil and sweet almond oil work together to protect and nourish the skin's natural barrier. Vanilla oil provides a calming and relaxing aroma that can help to reduce stress and anxiety, making it the perfect addition to your nighttime skincare routine.

Our non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. Perfect for all skin types, especially those with dry or sensitive skin, this tallow lotion is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances, making it a safe and natural choice for your daily skincare routine.

With high-quality ingredients and a deliciously sweet aroma, our Vanilla and Hampton Honey tallow lotion is perfect for anyone who wants to indulge in a luxurious and organic skincare experience

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